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January 4, 2014
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June 4, 2014

The Monster
Something to rip your legs off

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On Saturday August 30th, A Cycling are putting on what we believe will be the hardest “cyclosportive” style event in the UK.

The circular course, held in Llangadog in the heart of Wales will comprise of a single 190km distance with a massive 4200m climbing, a figure that approaches that of the infamous La Marmotte in France.

When judged against other tough events, the figures eclipse them completely, having 1000m more climbing, but over the same distance as the Fred Whitton Challenge for instance – commonly thought to be the toughest at present.
Only 50 places are available and despite being aimed strictly at experienced riders, we expect many will not complete the full distance.

The Monster - 2

If the event doesn’t sound hard enough, then in the same spirit as La Marmotte and the Grimpée L’Alpe, there will be the Grimpée Mynydd Ddu the following day. A mass-start event up the Black Mountain, one of the highest road passes in Wales. It isn’t Alpe d’Huez, but its the best we have! The Grimpée is completely free to those entering The Monster. What’s more, if you finish both events within the time limits, you will get a free entry to the 2015 events.

Entries will open on Sunday, June 1st at 7pm.
Think you are tough enough?

Full details and entry available here
Photo credit: Anthony Pease

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